Captain Stephanie Palmer is the Dive Team Commander and a Captain in the Coral Springs Fire Department, Broward County, Florida.


This community of about 130,000 shares its western border with the Everglades Wildlife Management Area and includes numerous small recreational lakes and extensive stretches of canals that are part of the regional water management system. These canals are connected to mechanical gates that allow the regional authority to control the water flow that is a natural part of the Everglades.


As a rescue professional, Capt. Palmer is also a member of the Florida Task Force-1, an elite search and rescue team deployed locally, statewide, and nationally when needed.


Capt. Palmer is also a swimmer, paddleboater and recreational boater, enjoying the ready access to the Intracoastal Waterway, and Atlantic Ocean from Pompano down to the Florida Keys.


She recognizes and appreciates having life saving technology she can use in both her professional and private lives where she is always in , on, or around water.


Capt. Palmer won a SEANEXX AIS receiver and a SEAANGEL AIS MOB SA14 in the raffle during the IADRS annual conference in Orlando.