Emergency & rescue systems from the SEAANGEL series


The SEAANGEL series from FT-TEC Electronics GmbH uses AIS frequencies as an alarm. The SeaAngel SA14 transmitter is a search-and-rescue system that makes an exact localisation possible in cases of distress at sea and therefore ensures the fastest possible triggering of the rescue chain.


These are the main functions of the SEAANGEL SA14-SART transmitter:


  • Sends position information to all GPS chart plotters and AIS systems after activation
  • Provides accurate GPS positioning with an update rate of every 60 seconds
  • Enables a quicker recovery of the injured person, due to the more precise localisation
  • Easy mounting on the life jacket
  • ID number (emergency number 97xxx ....)
  • Flashlight
  • Automatic / manual activation
  • No monthly follow-up costs
  • BSH and SOLAS certification process under way
  • 96 hours broadcasting time 


Further information can be found at www.seaangel.at.