FT-TEC Holding


The company FT-TEC, which is held in private ownership, is an internationally operating company which develops high-tech products from plastics, elastomers and electronic components for the general industry, which are produced in-house and sold worldwide. Our products are profiles made from elastomers, plastic injection moulded parts and extrusion technology, electronic components and transponders for emergency systems.


Regarding the plastics technology, products for the rail industry, automotive industry and transponder industry are mainly developed and produced in our own factory and distributed worldwide..


With elastomer technology, we work on the development and manufacture of products with well-known companies.


The transponder technology is a big part of our business. We develop emergency systems for ships, SART-AIS LifeVest transmitters for professional and recreational boating as well as transponders for rail and truck freight.


The headquarters of FT-TEC are located in Neutal in Burgenland and were rebuilt in 2012.

Currently, FT-TEC products are delivered worldwide to approximately 200 customers across all continents. Distribution centres will be built in the USA, South America and Asia between  2014 and 2016.


We are a 100% Austrian company. Therefore, we develop and produce exclusively in Austria.


'Made in Austria'


is our credo.