Corporate Policy 


Our company acts as a consulting, sales, and production company for transport infrastructure with a focus on rail transport. The success lies in the quality of our products and in the customer-oriented, flexible orientation of the company.

To maintain and improve corporate performance, an integrated management system was introduced in accordance with EN ISO 9001 and EN ISO 14001.

We understand the complete satisfaction of the customer requirements, the needs of employees and a supplier partnership relationship as basic principles of our corporate policy. We measure these principles by the following criteria:


  • Adequacy for purpose, nature and scope of the quality requirements and the environmental impact of our products and services.


  • Implementation of guidelines for the continuous improvement of product quality and to avoid injuries and environmental pollution.


  • All of our products and processes are regularly evaluated for environmentally sound and resource-friendly alternatives and - if economically feasible - replaced by those alternatives.


  • Compliance with applicable legal requirements and other requirements to which we are committed, and to which our product requirements and our safety and environmental aspects are related.


  • Definition and evaluations of our quality-, environmental- and safety objectives and targets.


  • Documentation, implementation and maintenance of the IMS system.


  • Adequate disclosure to all persons who work either for our organisation or on its behalf.


  • Regular review of the contents of our IMS system in order to ensure that it remains relevant and adequate.


The ultimate responsibility for quality, safety and environmental protection belongs to the management, which ensures the status and compliance of the IMS system via regular system checks.


Our employees are our greatest asset. We want to provide a safe and long-term workplace for our employees. It is the declared intention of the Board to remain at the site in Austria. Employees should feel comfortable with us. We place great emphasis on a balanced and friendly working environment and thereby hope for a strong identification of each employee with the entire company.


Our employees are encouraged to continuously search for improvements and implement possible improvements in their respective areas of responsibility.


We strive to be a competent development partner, problem solver and mass producer for our customers. The company's goal is to swiftly, reliably and flexibly supply to customers. Our aim is to build long-term relationships with our customers. FT-TEC GmbH is a reliable partner who is happy to accept challenges and supports its customers in the competitive markets. As a partner of our customers, we are constantly striving to meet and exceed achievable quality requirements.


In return, we expect appropriate remuneration for our services from our customers according to the agreed terms. In order to improve service and contact with our international customers even further, we will expand our international presence through local offices. We want to be immediately accessible to our customers when they require our support.


Good suppliers are the key to a successful, high-quality product. We strive to establish long-term and stable business relationships with our suppliers, making it possible to continuously improve the quality and reliability of the products and services delivered. We expect our suppliers to support us in the competitive market and, through a fair pricing policy, provide us with the opportunity to engage our customers with calculable, stable prices.


The aim of the partners is to ensure the company's long-term survival and increase the profitability of the company on a sustainable basis. The profits made are to be permanently reinvested in the company to secure the continued existence of the site.