Welcome to FT-TEC


Our company has been working as a consulting, sales, and production company for special applications in the ship, truck, and mainly in the railway industry. Our success lies in the quality of our products and the customer-oriented, flexible orientation of our company.



We advise our clients on the development of new parts and decide together on the use of different materials. We plan, design and build prototypes and support in the mass production of products.



Due to our excellent contacts in various areas, we can offer products of different materials. This includes plastic sheeting, injection moulding or extrusion parts, but also steel construction products such as cast steel plates.



Continuous developments have made it a necessity to build our own production plant for different products. In addition, FT-TEC also provides its customers with elastomer forms. 



In order to offer our customers a broad portfolio of products, we have assumed the representation of major companies in Austria and Europe.