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FT-TEC 2014


FT-TEC Movie

 Join the company of the FT-TEC Group.

This promotional film will show you in a short version all of the different areas of the FT-TEC

Group as well as our laboratory facilities


  • FT-TEC Productions
  • FT-TEC Trading
  • FT-TEC Projects



FT-TEC Falltest Seaangel Life Vest Transponder


Drop test SEAANGEL

In this video we show you the fall test of our AIS SeaAngel SA14 rescue system. Since this product group must meet BSH standards, these tests are conducted with every new product.


The SeaAngel SA14 must remain unscathed from a free fall of at least 20 m to open water and then be ready for use.


  • Fall test 20 m
  • Repeated tests required

Radio capability testing to meet the BSH standard

  FT-TEC Seanav



In this video we present the basic facts of SEATRACE. SEATRACE is constantly being expanded and improved through the use of open source software.

We will position SEATRACE on the market in the 3rd quarter of 2015. Our system is designed to be an interesting alternative to the existing models.


  • Ease of use
  • Low cost
  • Variable
  • Adaptive system

Continuous development through the open source community