FT TEC Entwicklung



FT-TEC GmbH develops and produces systems with partners for its customers.


FT-TEC Productions GmbH

Our company is currently developing the latest generation of dowel holders for the concrete sleeper production with great success. Durability and performance have been increased by more than 20% compared to conventional products.



FT-TEC Electronics GmbH

We're currently working hard to develop emergency systems for marine navigation. General AIS systems are being improved and are equipped with our circuit boards for series production.

Our development department prepares the hardware and the circuit board layout and sends it to circuit board assembly companies for further production.

This development patterns are being tested extensively and then subjected to re-engineering. If the products are flawless, the process will be transferred to the series production. 

Alongside this, new emergency lighting systems for life jackets are to be developed and introduced in the near future.