Development of emergency systems and tracking systems for different areas


The Development department specifically established within the FT-TEC Group has developed electronic emergency systems for different areas of shipping for several years. FT-TEC Electronics GmbH develops different transponders from AIS technology according to current standards to increase safety at sea.


FT-TEC Electronics GmbH's portfolio is expanding with other pioneering developments and the company is  constantly working on improvements.  In our next phase of development, we turn to specific AIS satellite systems for shipping traffic, especially Class B receivers/transponders and extended LifeVest transponders. In the future, you may also be able to obtain security-related products, such as flashing lights on life jackets, reflectors etc. from FT-TEC Electronics.


Also in the area of ​​freight and logistics FT-TEC Electronics GmbH develops transponder systems for the field of freight transport, logistics and Trace as well as Track & Trace. Many companies wish for  an ordered overview of its fleet (trucks), the transport of goods (cargo - trailers, containers, etc.) and their location. With the help of our transponder, you can efficiently organise and maintain your fleet internationally. All major areas are covered with GPS, GSM (Quad Band) and also with the advantages of RFID.