Production facility

Our production facility is currently equipped with machines from 25t to 500t clamping force. Without exception, we use machines and peripheral devices from one manufacturer in order to be able to guarantee our employees high-quality training and our customers the best possible quality of the products.

All of our machines are equipped with robots and automation tools. The computer-controlled central and dry conveyor system guarantees optimal loading of the machines with raw material and also saves all necessary records.

Via our MES system (HYDRA) from MPDV, our machines are networked with a control center in which all necessary production parameters are centrally recorded and managed.

All forms used are, without exception, the property of FT-TEC GmbH or our partner companies.

90 % of our products are developed, produced and sold in-house. The remaining 10% are produced in contract manufacturing for our customers and checked by our QW department according to the given specifications.

Quality criteria

All products from our suppliers are subject to strict quality controls by FT-TEC GmbH. Most supplier companies meet the ISO 9001: 2015 standards and are certified accordingly.