Corporate policy of the FT-TEC Group with the companies FT-TEC GmbH (Holding),
FT-TEC Electronics GmbH, FT-TEC Trading GmbH

Our companies are active in the development, production and sale of plastic injection molded products and electronic assemblies. Our success lies in the quality of our products and in the customer-oriented, flexible alignment of our company.

To maintain and improve the company's performance, a quality management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015 was introduced, which supports us in the realization and implementation of an ongoing, continuous improvement process.

The fulfillment of the expectations and demands of our customers, as well as the development and support of our suppliers, are the focus of our actions and serve as the basis of a customer / supplier relationship based on partnership.
We want to strengthen our position as a flexible and competent manufacturing company, taking into account the context of the organization and its requirements from interested parties.

The qualification of our employees, the perception of their needs and the provision of the required resources also guarantee the long-term success of the company.

The management (top management) defines the key objectives of the company and bears the main responsibility for the implemented quality management system and evaluates it at regular intervals. For this purpose, the managing director has appointed a senior management officer (QMB) who is responsible for the introduction, appropriateness, effectiveness, timeliness, checking the implementation, and the standard conformity of the management system, and who reports directly to the management. The following points are included in the assessment:

• Achievement level of customer satisfaction, and the implementation of customer requirements at the
      products and services supplied by us.
• The process performance in the individual areas in terms of fulfillment and appropriateness
• Qualification and satisfaction of our employees
• Compliance and measures with regard to occupational safety and environmental protection
• Compliance with legal obligations and requirements of interested parties,
      to which we profess.
• Implementation of measures with regard to a continuous improvement process

our employees are our greatest asset. We want to offer our employees a safe and long-term job. The employees should feel comfortable with us. We attach great importance to a balanced and friendly working atmosphere and respectful communication. We hope that this will enable each individual employee to identify strongly with the entire company.
Our employees are called upon to continuously look for improvements and implement possible improvements in their respective areas of responsibility.

For our customers we want to be a competent development partner, problem solver and series manufacturer. The company's aim is to inspire our customers with our services. Our aim is to build long-term relationships with our customers. FT TEC GmbH sees itself as a calculable partner who gladly accepts challenges and supports its customers in competition. As a partner to our customers, we always strive to meet and exceed achievable quality requirements.

In return, we expect our customers to pay for our services in accordance with the agreed conditions. In order to be able to further improve the service and the contact with our international customers, we will expand our international presence through local representative offices. We want to be available for our customers exactly when they expect our support.

Reliable suppliers are a key to a successful, high quality product. We strive for long-term, stable business relationships with our suppliers that allow us to continuously improve the quality and reliability of the products and services we deliver. We expect from our suppliers that they support us in our competition and that, through a fair price policy, they also give us the opportunity to act towards our customers with calculable, stable prices.

Management goal is to secure the company's existence in the long term and to increase the profitability of the company on a sustainable basis. The profits generated should be continuously reinvested in the company in order to secure the long-term survival of the location.

Milestones / planning of FT-TEC

Foundation of the sole proprietorship
Foundation of the GmbH

(Development & trading with EOB products)

New department for transponder technology
Establishment of the production facility in Neutal, Austria
Certification according to ISO 9001: 2008
New department "Projects for complete production facilities"
HPQ certification from DB AG

(completed on 02.09.2014)

Planned SOLAS approval for transponder systems / emergency systems
New Department "Internal Mold Making & Development"
Restructuring of the FT-TEC group

(completed on 09/05/2014)

Expansion of the transponder systems product division to include railway technology
Implementation of sales offices in the USA, Canada and South America
Development of "Alpine Rescue Systems" for high alpine areas

(Rescue & Avalanche Search Systems)

2016 - 2017
Implementation of sales offices in Asia, Japan and Australia
Certification according to ISO 9001-2015
Certification according to IATF 16949: 2016
Extension of a production and warehouse hall
2021 - 2023
Increase in sales after COVID-19

Employee development

1 person
8 employees
24 employees
23 employees
28 employees
30 employees
28 employees (COVID-19)
planned 40 employees
planned 50 employees

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