AIS emergency systems

The location technology to secure human life.

AIS stands for "Automatic Identification System" and is a communication system that operates via registered channels in the maritime mobile VHF band as a self-organized time slot procedure (channel 1 at 161.975 MHz and channel 2 at 162.025 MHz). It is based on an open, unencrypted protocol that allows data to be sent and received autonomously without the interaction of ship or operator personnel. In addition to this autonomous mode, options are provided that short, safety-relevant messages can also be sent in response to human interaction. The data that is generated autonomously and broadcast to other ships or to the mainland are dynamic data such as position, speed and course as well as static and voyage-related data such as draft or ship type.

The transmission takes place at regular intervals, the transmission interval depending on the speed and course change of the respective ship. This data is processed by the receiver and can be visualized on a display, generally an Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ESDIS).

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